The Annual Coconut Current Study

How far can your coconut go?

Enter a colorful coconut in our race and you could win an Apple Watch!

Each year, our guests at Octifest have a chance to participate in our annual Coconut Current Study – the greatest coconut race there ever was! Here’s how it works: 

You purchase a coconut (or two or three!)

You write your name on its tag (and a message to its finder, if you wish!)

We collect all of the coconuts and carry them about 20 or 30 miles offshore in our boat, where we toss them into the Gulf. The race begins!

The coconuts are swept up by Gulf currents, and as they wash ashore in the weeks after Octifest, they look like giant Easter eggs. A magical thing for beachcombers to find!

These beachcombers read each coconut’s tag, which instructs them to call us with their tag number and location. 

The owner of the first coconut to wash ashore is the winner! The prize will be an Apple Watch!

As these phone calls come in, we build a map of coconut landings to learn more about how Gulf currents are flowing at this time of year. 

How’s that for fun AND scientific?!?

If you won’t be at Octifest, you can even enter your coconut in the race beforehand using the link below.