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Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Does Sanibel Sea School offer specific discounts? (Veteran, muti-kid, etc.)

We don't offer discounts for our programs. However, we will never turn anyone away due to financial barriers and have a scholarship program that is funded throughout the year by generous donors. 

We don't have a formal application process, but rather, we just ask that you pay what you can, and we're happy to cover the rest. Anything you do contribute will go directly towards helping us share the ocean with more students in the future. Please email us at sanibelseaschool@sccf.org if you are interested in a scholarship to cover a portion of the tuition or a full scholarship.

Can parents shadow programs?

We allow parent shadowing in our classes as long as the parents allow the children to fully engage in the class without interruption. We may require you to follow us in your vehicle to our field location as our buses have limited space. 

We tend to see a lot of shy students at first for our classes, but once we begin teaching, it often fades away pretty quickly. You are welcome to begin the class with us and sort of "drift off" once your child is comfortable.  

Please don't hesitate to call us at (239) 472-8585 if you would like to discuss further or have any other questions.

Are there any age restrictions for your programs?

We consider exceptions to our age range upon request. Please email us at sanibelseaschool@sccf.org to request an exception.

However, exceptions are not made for programs like summer and winter camps due to limited availability. We reserve spots for eligible children within specific age ranges.

If your child doesn't meet these criteria, please contact us for private options at (239) 472-8585.

What do you need for Sanibel Sea School programs?

Please arrive dressed in a swimsuit and cover-up and slathered with sunscreen. If you are staying a full day, please bring extra sunscreen so we can re-apply mid-day. We ask that you do not bring sunblock in a spray bottle - it gets in your eyes, can ruin equipment and clothing, and isn't great for the environment. 

Water shoes are strongly recommended. Due to Hurricane Ian, there is an increased risk of debris buried in the sand and the water. Flip-flops are unsuitable for walking in the water and will not work as water shoes. We suggest old sneakers, water shoes with stiff soles, wetsuit booties, or sporty sandals like Teva's and Chaco's.

Our campus does not allow disposable drink bottles. Please help us protect our oceans and do not bring them! Instead, please bring a reusable water bottle. If you don't have one, you're welcome to borrow ours, but please don't bring a disposable plastic bottle.

A towel, change of clothes, and hat are also suggested if desired. 

Electronics do not mix well with the ocean. No cell phones, iPods, laptops, or other games. We know this may be hard, but our staff will have their phones in case of emergency. We want our students to be away from screens and enjoy the company of others and nature.

When can I register for upcoming programs?

Our course calendar is released online approximately one month in advance. Summer camps are typically announced in January, while winter camps are announced in October.

How do you get access to priority registration for Summer Camps? 

Priority registration is granted to anyone who has attended one of Sanibel Sea School's week-long camps. Day courses, after school, or other daily programming does not count towards priority access. 

Does Sanibel Sea School offer babysitting services or swim lessons?

We do not offer either service. Check out these amazing groups: 

Children's Education Center of the Islands (CECI)

Sanibel Recreation Center

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