Safety and Camp Rules

Our first priority is safety. We will discuss some of the specific rules once we are all together, but everyone needs to keep in mind that we will be living and working in an environment that has many dangers. It is important to always keep safety in mind throughout the trip.

During this trip you will be sleeping in tents. All loose items should be stored in the tent unless being hung to dry. We will have our mobile science trailer down with us, aka the Sea Lab! This will essentially be split in half – one side will be a wet lab and the other will be utilized for food storage. We ask that you help us make sure the lab stays organized and secure throughout the trip!

You are permitted to leave the tent sites to use the bathroom or explore with permission. At the beginning of the week, you will be assigned a tent leader and a day group leader. You must notify one of these full time staff members before you go anywhere outside of our campsite.

You may be allowed to go to the swimming pool and store during your stay; when (and if) you go will be at the discretion, and under the direct supervision, of your leader. This is usually a prize for good behavior at the end of the week… hint hint.