Now, we have just a few more questions to ask before you’re finished…

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1. Engaging with campers throughout the day is perhaps a CITs most important responsibility. What are some meaningful ways you can do so?

2. When interacting with campers, which management techniques do you think will be most helpful? Why?

3. Why is it important to learn campers names?

4. Scenario: There is a girl in your group who is different – she doesn’t quite fit in with the other kids, but she’s okay with this, and continues to be her authentic self. However, you start to notice that the other girls in the group are starting to gang up on her. They’ve made some sly, unkind remarks, and you can tell that it’s getting to the “odd one out.” How do you deal with the situation?

5. Scenario: You’re out at the beach with your group and you’re playing tag in the water. How can you help the counselor keep the group safe?

6. Scenario: The counselor is leading the group through a squid dissection. Some of the campers don’t want to participate. What could you do to help?

7. In your opinion, why is the work that we do at Sanibel Sea School important?

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