Homeschool at Sea

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Homeschool at Sea

Sanibel Sea School provides education for homeschool families and co-ops. We offer customized, field-based sessions that can be designed based on your group’s interests, tailored to compliment student’s existing homeschool curriculum, or designed to be a fun elective. We can work with private homeschool groups or offer supplemental sessions to those students in a virtual schooling or distance learning programs.

How it works:

A homeschool package consists of a minimum of five 2.5 hour courses tailored specifically to your students.

  1. We schedule a series of sessions based on our availability and your schedule. Typically, we meet once a month with your group during the school year: September through May. Courses are offered Monday through Friday.

  2. Our team will then reach out to you and set up a curriculum development meeting where we’ll discuss educational topics and activities. Groups can choose lessons from our existing course catalogue or we’d be happy to suggest alternative options that align with an existing science curriculum or offer suggestions on STEM or art-based sessions.

  3. On the day of the session, parents/guardians should drop their student off ready for a morning or afternoon of ocean exploration. They will just need a swimsuit, sunscreen, and reusable water bottle.

Pricing Information:

Each session (minimum of 5 sessions) is $20 per student. We request that payment be made up front in full for the year once the number of sessions and students is determined. Payment is due one month prior to the first course.

Please give us a call at (239) 472-8585 or email us at to begin the process. We can’t wait to explore the ocean with you!

Session Options:

Please browse our course catalogue here to see typical topics we offer. If you have other ideas, we are happy to customize the perfect sessions for your group.

Below are just a few examples of courses outside of our normal catalogue that we’ve customized for groups:

Weather, Climate, & the Ocean 

The ocean plays a leading role in earth’s climate and weather patterns. But what is the difference? Weather is the air temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, wind, moisture content, and air pressure at any particular time in any particular place. Climate is the overall picture of weather during periods of seasons or years. We will learn about the ocean’s role and experiment with temperature, salinity, and density! 

Harmful Algal Blooms

Marine and freshwater environments are full of life, most of it microscopic and harmless. Many organisms depend on microscopic algae for food but some microscopic algae can cause problems when it grows in sufficient numbers; when this happens, they’re referred to as harmful algal blooms or HABs. We learn about the tiny creatures that create HABs in our area & see if we can spot some under the microscope. 


The moon’s cycle is the basis of our calendar, and it affects the living inhabitants of Planet Earth. Nowhere is this more evident than at the edge of the ocean, where the gravitational pull of the moon (and sun) creates the tides. Here we learn about tides and how the moon’s gravitational pull shapes the oceans on the planet.

Then we can make a note about how it can be treated as an elective with a new topic each week or build throughout the year. We can create courses that compliment student’s science curriculum throughout the year and reinforce topics from a marine science perspective.

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