Camping Education


  • Don’t pitch your tent in a low area, if it rains your tent will flood.

  • Orient your tent to catch a good cross-breeze.

  • Put a tarp down before setting up the tent.

  • Always keep your tent door zipped and screens closed; this will help keep the bugs out.

  • Remember that bugs are attracted to light – turn your light off when entering and exiting the tent.

  • Put down a towel at the tent entrance to wipe your feet, this will help keep the sand out.

  • NO food in your tent, so it will not attract animals.

Remember that we are living with a lot of people in a small space. One of the keys to successful camping is to be organized! Second, always plan on it raining at any time during camp, because it most likely will. Anything left outside will be rained on and become wet and potentially lost.

More Camping Tips:

  • Hang a clothesline to dry wet things; this can be easily accomplished by tying a bowline on one end and a trucker’s hitch on the other.

  • Keep your belongings stowed neatly when not using them; this will reduce clutter and make it easier to find things when you need them.

  • Help keep the campsite clean by picking up any trash you see and making sure things are returned to their proper place after being used.

  • Clean gear, dishes, and personal belongings immediately after use so they will be ready to go the next time you need them.

  • When washing dishes, use a scrubbing bucket and a rinsing bucket to save water.

  • At night, try to use a flashlight or lantern as little as possible. Our night vision is pretty good and we typically don’t even need light to see. If you have the option, use the red light on a headlamp or flashlight.

We will have 3 meals a day and snacks. A tent group will be assigned “Kitchen Patrol (KP) Duty” for each meal. This means assisting with cooking, washing, drying, and putting away all dishes used. KP should be done quickly and efficiently under the supervision of your tent leader. We must all work as a team to keep our campsite functioning.