Mike Mills

Mike grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and got his B.S. in wildlife biology at Southeast Missouri State University. Since then, he’s worked on a state park stewardship crew, as an educator at the St. Louis Zoo, with sea turtles in Costa Rica, helped start a candle business, delivered sandwiches at Jimmy Johns, worked with box turtles, spotted turtles, and red-head woodpeckers in Michigan, and tracked king cobras in Thailand.

Mike started with SCCF in 2019 as a night time sea turtle intern before switching over to working on Florida box turtles. He has a master’s in conservation biology from the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg, where his thesis focused on box turtles. Now a full-time Wildlife Biologist, Mike oversees the wildlife field work in SCCF’s Wildlife and Habitat Management Department. He’s a big fan of pickles and hockey.