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You Gotta Be Squid-ding Me: Summer Camp Has Begun!

June 10, 2024
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Sanibel Sea School summer camps kicked off last week, and the excitement is palpable! Our marine science educators and camp counselors are ready to lead campers through a summer full of ocean-based adventures, teaching them about biology, water skills, and environmental stewardship.

“It’s been a fantastic start to summer camp at Sanibel Sea School, with our dedicated staff and passionate campers bringing the beach to life,” said Sanibel Sea School Director Shannon Rivard. “Hearing their enthusiasm and seeing their smiles makes every day special.”

Last week’s theme was ‘You Gotta Be Squid-ding Me,’ where campers learned all about the fascinating world of squids. This week-long camp provided an immersive and interactive learning experience about squids, combining hands-on dissections, creative projects, and fun games to teach kids about squid anatomy, behavior, and adaptations.

Camper’s participated in a camouflage art competition to help them understand a squid’s ability to camouflage. Each group hid their tentacle in an environment to camouflage it using natural materials and paint. Then groups will hide their pieces as best they can and whoever hides theirs the best, wins.

Campers attended daily surfing sessions that prepared them for the renowned Surf Paddle Race at the end of the week!

Congratulations, Red Team on the Paddle Race win!

We’re looking forward to a summer full of fun and learning!

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