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Cape Coral Girl Scouts Complete Badge at Sanibel Sea School

September 28, 2023

Last Monday, Sanibel Sea School welcomed Cape Coral Girl Scouts of all ages to complete a more complex badge, called “Think Like a Citizen Scientist.” To complete this badge, the girls conduct a research project and then complete a “Take Action” project, which uses their knowledge to better their community. 

The Cape Coral Girl Scouts used a Marine Debris Tracker app to collect data on marine debris found on the east end of Sanibel.

In just one hour, the Girl Scouts collected over 664 items! By far, the most common items were hard plastic fragments. All data was submitted for scientific research to be used for policy changes. About 45 girls participated, from kindergarten to high school seniors.

It was so much fun helping Girl Scouts complete their Think Like a Citizen Scientist badge and collectively contribute data. The girls were surprised by the amount of debris they found and were determined to get every last piece off the beach. In the end, we emphasized the importance of solving this problem — Cleanups are necessary and important, but the problem starts with our choices. Rethinking plastic use and Refusing single-use plastics are two important ‘Rs’ in addition to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The Girl Scouts were challenged to find five plastic items in their households, classrooms, schools, or community groups they could stop using or replace with something more sustainable. At that, one commented on the fact that they should contact Girl Scouts and ask them to stop putting the badges in individually wrapped plastic bags! Young conservationists were empowered by their experience to push for change – and that’s what it’s all about!

Shannon Rivard, Youth Education Director 

Izy and Noa Sedorchuk Complete Girl Scout Silver Award

Izy and Noa Sedorchuk, pictured above with our Youth Education Director, Shannon Rivard,  completed their Girl Scout Silver Award.

The Silver Award is the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout (grades 6 – 8) can earn. It requires the Girl Scouts to identify an issue in their community and work to improve it for years to come. They decided to partner with Sanibel Sea School to donate supplies destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

The Sedorchuk sisters collected materials that needed replaced, including dip and seine nets, buckets, art supplies, storage containers, and shells from the beach. 

These girls had a lot of fun working on their Silver Award. They have always loved their time at Sanibel Sea School and continuously talk about their experiences with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, positivity, and love. It was only fitting for them to choose their favorite place to learn about the ocean for their Silver Award project, especially after the losses suffered from Hurricane Ian. They hope their efforts continue to provide children a fun place to learn about the ocean.

Michelle Sedorchuk, Parent and Troop Leader

“We are over the moon with gratitude! It means the world to us to feel the love and support from our Sanibel Sea School family. Izy and Noa have been a tremendous help in our recovery,” said Youth Education Director Shannon Rivard.

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