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Have Paddle, Will Survive Week at Sanibel Sea School

August 10, 2022

The summer held one last challenge before school started for some teenage campers at Sanibel Sea School. During the first week of August, campers participated in “Have Paddle, Will Survive,” a camp designed to push campers out of their comfort zones while learning survival skills both on and off the water. In the past, this camp was conducted via standup paddle board, but this year we decided to try sitting — in kayaks, that is.

Photo by Shane Antalick

Over the course of the week, campers got trained by American Canoe Association instructors and received an L1 Coastal Kayaking certification. Campers learned to maneuver their kayaks with ease and how to rescue themselves and others in an emergency situation.  

Off the water, campers learned not only how to build a proper fire, but how to light it using flint and steel — a challenge easier said than done. Another survival skill the teens learned over the week was how to navigate by compass — another tricky talent to master.

All the campers by the end of the week felt more confident in their paddling and survival skills and were ready to take on an ‘Amazing Race’ epic challenge. After spending the night under the stars at the SCCF Bailey Homestead, campers woke up to a series of challenges, including testing their kayak maneuvering skills, fire starting, resourcefulness and navigating.  After challenges concluded, the “survivors” were treated to lunch at Gramma Dots before saying their goodbyes to their new friends.  

Sanibel Sea School survivalists this year were up for every challenge. Will next year’s group measure up? We look forward to finding out.


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