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Kayak Training for Sanibel Sea School Staff

February 9, 2022

On a brisk January morning, the Sanibel Sea School staff bundled up in wetsuits and many layers for a day on the water. The staff participated in an American Canoe Association (ACA) training course for coastal kayaking in the shelter of the East End canals on Sanibel. The training was taught by SCCF Community Conservation Coordinator Kealy McNeal, who is a certified ACA Level 2 instructor. The course went over paddle strokes, maneuvering, and simple rescue techniques. “This was a great way for camp and trip leading staff to gain confidence in their paddling skills,” McNeal said. 

The most challenging part of the course was getting in and out of the chilly water to perform rescues. The staff learned how to assist another person back into their kayak and to rescue themselves from a spill overboard. All the Sea School staff are ready to assist on a private paddling session with families and Ocean Tribe Paddlers outings. 

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