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Lighthouse Team Plants Live Oak to Beautify

June 21, 2021
The Sanibel School’s Lighthouse Team Student Council recently participated in a service project to beautify the school grounds. The team voted to add a tree that was toppled by a summer storm.
Richard Finkel, SCCF Educator, and SCCF Native Plant Nursery staff assisted with the project and donated a live oak to the Lighthouse Team.
The students participated in a ceremony and tree-planting on June 11. “It was a pleasure to work with these motivated students who exhibited such sincere dedication and pride in pursuing and accomplishing this project,” Finkel said.
Lighthouse Team Student Council members included: Jenna Cook, president, 8th grade; Landon Williams, vice president, 8th grade; Casey Sackman, 7th grade; Kyler Kouril, 7th grade; Siena Young, 6th grade; Colton Schmidt, 6th grade; Lily Hall, 5th grade; Rod Bell, 5th grade; Landon Markosky, 4th grade; Harrison Jones, 4th grade; Max Cantor, 3rd grade; Turner Stewart, 3rd grade; and Michelle Heuck, Sanibel School teacher.

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