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Sanibel Sea School Kicks off Summer Camp with Shark Week

June 11, 2021


In the first summer camp since 2019, Sanibel Sea School was thrilled to kick-off the summer with “Bonnethead Week – Swimmin’ with the Sharks,” a week-long camp for kids ages 6-13.

With COVID safety protocols in place, our counselors welcomed 24 campers to the campus on the east end of the island on June 7. “We’re holding a smaller camp this year in order to maintain smaller group sizes and to ease back into the swing of things in our new normal,” said Sanibel Sea School Director Nicole Finnicum.

Throughout the week, campers got back to traditional camp activities like canoeing, seining in the seagrass, and snorkeling. They also played fun shark-themed games and made bonnethead-inspired crafts using shells collected from the beach.

“I think campers are just excited to be back to doing what they love, exploring nature and having fun with friends,” said Nicole.

Campers also spent time learning about bonnethead sharks, including more about their uniquely shaped cephalofoils (heads), their seven senses, and the shallow-water estuaries where they thrive.

The highlight of the week was the surf paddle race on Friday morning. The campers spent the week honing their paddling skills and then put them to the test in a surf paddle competition among the two groups. The teams ended up having a tie after completing all rounds, so in Sanibel Sea School tradition, a counselor paddle-off was held as a tiebreaker!

Sanibel Sea School will continue to offer summer camp at their Flagship campus through August this year and offer a secondary camp at the Bailey Homestead beginning on June 21. “By having camp at two locations, we’ll be able to accommodate more campers and still maintain small, safe groups,” said Nicole. “We are so excited to launch our first camp at the Homestead, it will be a unique and fun experience for campers and still be right down the road from our Flagship campus.”

Part of the SCCF (Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) Family, Sanibel Sea School’s mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.



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