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Sanibel Sea School Offers Beachcombing

February 25, 2021
Throughout January, Sanibel Sea School educators offered after-school beachcombing sessions from 3:30 to 5:30pm each Tuesday. These hands-on outings were designed for students to get outside and explore nature. The next after-school program will focus on surfing.
For the beachcombing classes, students used their powers of observation to compare and contrast shorelines on the bay and Gulf sides of the island. “On our way to the beach, we honed our observation skills by playing games to notice less conspicuous things in nature,” said Marine Science Educator Brianna Machuga. “Then, my students were able to notice subtle differences in the shorelines, such as larger shells on the Gulf side of the island.”
The after-school beachcombing sessions also incorporated ocean art. For one class, students embarked on a scavenger hunt to find items to adorn a mobile. “Through beachcombing, students not only made new discoveries, but learned how to identify their finds using a field guide and then got to express their creativity,” said Machuga. In another session, students used natural materials they found along the wrack line, such as shells, algae, and coconuts, to create ornate, ocean-themed sand sculptures. 
Through these sessions and activities, students became more aware of a variety of beach treasures that wash ashore and learned the biology behind them.
Sanibel Sea School’s next after-school offering is surfing. Students will learn to paddle a surfboard and maneuver turns, and even gain confidence to pop up on the surfboard.
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